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Monday, April 27, 2015

My Happy Place Layout.

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone is well & crafting heaps! :)

Do you ever wonder if you didn't have this awesome hobby in your life, what would you be doing with your time?
This is what I came up with: .... NOTHING!
I would be a crazy lady I think. Craft helps me express myself in a Healthy way.

Things I LOVE about Crafting:

 Project Life,
 Card making,
 Mixed Media,
 Crafting with my daughter,
 Annoying my Hubby about crafting,
 Hiding YUMMY new goodies from my Hubby,
 Telling him something only cost $2 ... on sale .. wink wink!

Seriously, My Art is very important part of my life. If I am having a bad day, week I know I can hide away in my craft room, My Happy Place!
A huge part of my Happy Place are my Husband Mark and my two awesome kids, Keenan (16) and Jorja (9). No matter where I am in my life I can turn to my hubby & kids and feel completely HAPPY!
My layout this week, I really wanted to scrap a photo of all of us together. We don't have a family photo, bad hay! So I decided to scrap a very recent photo of Jorja.
Seeing her smile is my Happy Place.

" This Is My Happy Place "

Vintage Book Paper Circles 

Cut Around the top Edge - For Interest

Cut Apart a Project Life Card - LOVE using Tissue Paper

Look Closely, Glass Bead Glitter Gel over a Stencil - YUM!

Thanks for stopping by!

A HUGE!!! shout out to our awesome!!! Debbie, I hope you are feeling better soon, we miss you!

See you later



Project Life - Specialty Cards - High Five
Project Life - Photo Overlays - Inspire
Project Life - Stickers - Inspire
Basic Grey - 12x12 Paper
Prima Flower
Vintage Book Paper
Magenta Paint
Tissue Paper
Glass Glitter Gel
Home Made Flower Stencil

1 comment:

  1. LOVE your layout Connie and I agree crafting is a HAPPY PLACE :) it brings strangers together and they bond over a shared love of creating :) That is how we have all have come together via the internet even though many of us have never met in person :) xx