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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thrilled to be first post

Hi everyone!
Well what an honour this is - to be selected as a Deer and Fawn Designer. WOW!! 
I am still doing a little happy dance here, and can't wait to play with all things Deery and Fawny and share my work with you.
So I thought I'd start by having a go at April's challenge - Mixed Media

I started with just a white sheet of cardstock, I added stencilling, paint, texture paste and stamps.  I had a whole lot of fun, even spraying the cardstock with lots of water!  Let me tell you at one stage I thought I'd ruined it - I added a big blob of teal paint and well it just kinda sat there - it didn't want to drip when I added water and I NEARLY gave up and threw it out, but I decided to keep going. I kept adding washi tape, more stamping and paint over the blobs, plus I added some plasterers tape to give more texture.  I then added black paint to then end of an old roll of  loo paper - I love the effect of these circles! . I made sure I stamped some slightly off the page too, to give the layout flow. I will definitely be doing this again. (In fact I'm now looking at random things around the house and thinking of all the cool stamp prints they would make).  And then guess what?  All of a sudden I loved it. It came together.

Here's my creation

Please excuse my dodgy photo in this layout - it was taken at night with an iphone 4, but I really wanted to tell the story.....I decided to scrap the imperfectness of my life.

Here's some close ups....

So my advice would be DON'T GIVE UP. And don't overthink it - have some fun - experiment - PLAY.  I love that about mixed media - you never quite know how its going to turn out.  And mistakes, well they can be covered up!  So go for it! 
I can't wait to see what you come up with.

If you missed it here's the details of the challenge:

Use Sprays, stencils, at least one paint colour and a household item as a stamp!
It can be on a layout, canvas, pocket page card or any other medium that you would like to use...

ALL entries must be uploaded to the blog by the 30 April... and this month YOU all vote for you fave entry.... there will be a link in the side bar for you to cast your vote... Voting will open on the 16th April.....
Once voting has closed the winner with the most votes will win a $30 voucher to spend on the website....

So upload your entry in the side bar....

HAVE FUN getting messy :)