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Saturday, June 27, 2015


Hi there! Debbie kindly contacted me to ask if I'd like to share
with you lovely
scrappy folks how I create my BOKEH backgrounds.
You know, the sort of
'sun spot' look, like on these cards:
I was THRILLED to be asked & I hope you have a blast trying
it out!
I've created a very short video [under 4 minutes]!!!
But if you prefer a step by step, then keep reading:)
[NB: You can use any paper on hand, but I like to make my own!]
To create your paper, you will need the following:
Inks x 3 - I like to use 3 of a similar colour, but different tones.
Sponge or other applicator.
Rub the inks in at random. I usually start with my darker tone,
working to the lighter one last:
 Next, use a stencil/mask. Either a hand made one like mine, made from different sized
circle punches, or a bought one.
The plastic is from stamp packaging!
Using a sponge dauber or similar, apply
your ink:
Rubbing the ink in creates lighter circles.
Tapping creates darker circles.
I use a combination of both.
Begin with your larger circles, ending with the smallest
I find 3 sizes is fine. You can use four.
Also, you can do this with stars or hearts or any other shapes!
It's important to clean around each circle before you start the next
so you don't get smudges on your paper.
I use Stampin' Up white ink - but any is fine. Gesso, if it's heavy
bodied, works really well. Gelatos work too.
Below has the middle sized circles added. This technique looks best if
you OVERLAP your circles:
 Finally the small circles. Some people simply dab
straight on with the sponge dauber. I don't find this as clean-lined:
There are numerous You Tube videos etc on this technique.
The ones I found most helpful are the following links:
The link HERE is the one I discovered first. 
The link HERE shows how to make bokeh using circle STAMPS.
This one HERE uses a WATER COLOUR technique on the background,
which is awesome!
I hope this tutorial has been helpful & you have fun experimenting!
Cheers ~ & happy scrapping ~ Lizzy H


  1. This is such a great idea! I love it, it has inspired me to have a little play. Thanks Lizzy Hill and Deer and Fawn for sharing this tecnique. Xx

  2. beautiful Lizzy , just beautiful x

  3. Lizzy this is brilliant! So very effective. Thankyou for teaching us how.

  4. Gorgeous Lizzy. Thanks for sharing this with us all. Will be giving this a try l think.

  5. Awesome, thanks for sharing Lizzy.