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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tam's sharing her Project Life

Hi Everyone

Tammy here - Well I've been a bit quiet on the scrappy front - have been unwell and had no creative inspiration.  (sad face).
The last 2 days I have felt a little better and have been able to manage a project life spread or 2. 
I know I've said it before, but I love the 'non thinking' part of project life.  I love that I can just print off a few photos, select a few co-ordinating cards from my stash, write down a few thoughts about the week and hey presto!! I don't have to patiently, (or should I say impatiently)!! wait for paint/texture paste to dry!  I can cut and stick and call it done.

So here's one of the Weeks I've caught up on....

Here's the left side...

And the right....

And a close up.....
I really love the white in this pops!  I especially love the white cut-outs.  Yep -  me and my word obsession!  These cut-outs were from a couple of packs available from the lovely Debbie at Deer and Fawn.
Thanks so much for having a look!
I'll be back real soon to share some more pages.
Deer and Fawn products used:


  1. Nice project life Tammy, you make it look easy

    1. Thanks Sandra, I love it!! And find it awesome for the moments when my brain is fried and just needs to cut and paste rather than get messy...should I say messier!