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Monday, November 23, 2015

DINA!!! ...DINA!!! ...DINA!!

Hello all my D&F friends .....

I don't have much to show you this week! ...NOT!! .. OMG brain overload!
I just spend the last 3 days ... yes 3! .... attending the bestest, most yumminess, totally awesome (yes I said totally) WORKSHOP EVER!!!! ------ DINA WAKLEY -------

I booked into to this event about a year ago, & let me tell you it cost some $$$ to do all 6 classes over 3 days!..... BUT! so very worth every cent & more!
What do I say about Dina! ... there are really no words on how much of a fantastic teacher she is! She is so much FUN & kept it going all weekend! ... OH MY GOD .. I am still coming down from the high!
Friday - Like usual I was LATE! ... I am always late, so I ended up front & centre! ... teacher pet .. lol but in my opinion the best spot! I got to have heaps of little chats with Dina, lots of cheekiness  & laughs. Dina know how to kept her audience engaged which makes the class so magical. Not only that I have learnt so much, my brain has yet to slow down from all the ideas.
I started scrapbooking nearly 14 years ago, started with Creative Memories, to Design Teams, published in a lot of magazines to it completely taking over my life --- Then I got sick, I was sick for a long time --- Scrapping no more until I started back up a couple of years ago. But I never really felt like I was back in the "groove". I have had this little part of me that was still so tight I just couldn't let go, If I did everything would crumble. Until now ...

After the first 3 hours class on Friday, the way she taught, she was fast, fun & pushed us. I stood up & felt the biggest relief , like I have never felt. I really felt happy. You know.
I honestly believe that my art is free.

Just some of the Art we made!
There was so much!!!

Faces Class!!
SO scary .. we had to draw a "loose face ", by
holing just the end of the pencil & using our 
arm to guide... 

A couple of silly shot ... LOVE THEM!!!!!

Two pages I done today!!! 
I think a lot of my work will have a lot of 
"DINA" in them... only until
I get right back into my groove ...

& I won a PRIZE!!!!!

Sorry that was a HUGE post!!

Until next time!

See you

Connie ... xxx


  1. Wow! I'm so jealous and your work is fabulous. So great to hear your groove is returning. Keep arty and keep smiling 😊and OMG that prize!! 😍😍

  2. Oh im so pleased you shared this with us! :) I am so envious of ur experience & ur stunning creations! Awesomeness ♡ can't wait to see more from you!